My artistic process is deeply influenced by the malleable nature of light and memory, and I aim to create works that reflect this fluidity and complexity. Through a layered and spontaneous process of erasure painting and constant editing, I create compositions that capture the ebb and flow of recollections and emotions. By using motifs, symbols, and truisms, I create works that resonate with viewers’ own memories and experiences, inviting them to explore the intricacies of their own inner worlds.

At the same time, my art is rooted in the broader history of art, building on the techniques and traditions of the past while also embracing contemporary approaches to creativity and self-expression. Through a focus on the actual artistic practice, I seek to create works that are intellectually engaging, emotionally resonant, and deeply personal, while also celebrating the beauty of the human experience in all its richness and complexity.



2023: Ty Nathan Clark Mentorship

2023: Superfine Art Fair Miami

2023: Harrison Solo Show

2022: Dallas Contemporary Group Show

2022: Mark Carter Oil Painting Workshop

2022: Happen Twice @ SxSW Live Screen Printing

2021: Dashi Solo Show

2021: Bistro Group Show

2021: ACL Live Commission

2021: The Coppini Academy of Fine Arts Oil Painting Workshop

2021: Else Where Solo Solo Show

2019: First Friday Group Show

2019: Cruz Ortiz MLK School mural

2019: Studio assistant and intern for Cruz Ortiz and Burnt Nopal Creative Studio/Snake Hawk Press

2018: Enrolled in the Savannah College of Art and Design

2018: Blonde Creative Studio Internship.

2018: Accepted/Attended SouthWest School of Art Teen Intensive Art Program.

2018: Alamo Heights Art Club VP and Co-Founder.

2017: AFS Live Painting Performance

2016: Limited T-Shirt Run all Proceeds went to the Davids Law Foundation.

2016: Alamo Heights Special Olympics T-Shirt competition; 1st Place.

Aiden McMichael